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Title: Is it possible to get VPN (IPSEC) over Wan2/Uplink2?
Post by: Metzler on Monday 26 October 2009, 07:04:58 pm

i tried it now for some time but i cant get an open state for VPN over the second Uplink.
Over the main uplink it is no problem. but i want to route the Webtraffic with proxy over line1 (because the proxy's don't work on other lines) and on line 2 the VPN.

Ok, when proxy would work on other lines then the main line i would make vpn over the main line but nothing of this works.
can you told me a solution how i get vpn over second uplink?

or maybe how i can switch the proxys on the other uplinks?

in the ipsec config i can't change something in the "lokal vpn hostname" field. Everytime i save this, Endian puts my dns address from the provider of Main Uplink.

Ok Sorry for my bad english. :-(

greetings and thanking you in anticipation

my planings:

                        --------- Wan1 (ppoe static ip) Proxy or IPSEC
                                                                                                  ---- ipsec and proxy should work seperately on one line
endian 2.3 rc1 --------- Wan2 (ppoe static ip) IPSEc or Proxy

                        --------- Wan3 - don't know what i will do with this ;-)