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Title: efw 2.2 - unable to answer inbound sip calls
Post by: compdoc on Monday 11 January 2010, 07:53:16 am
I have an efw 2.2 firewall thats been running for a long time and working fine until now.

A few days ago, I had been setting up a new trixbox server and had everything working perfectly for over a week, when suddenly my sip truck was not able to register with Callcentric.

After contacting Callcentric, I was able to get the trunk registered and now the phones will ring for an incoming call, but I cant complete (pickup) the calls. The caller hears continued ringing.

When I finally narrowed it down to the endian firewall, I switched in a d-link router and everything started working.

While I was setting up the new trixbox, I was enabling and disabling the sip proxy on my efw, and testing other firewall settings when the sip problem occurred. 

Now all settings on the efw are back to their correct setting, but its still blocking the trunk. I think some iptables rule is stuck. Is there some way to reset?

I'm going to try restoring a backup, and I have other ideas of things to try. Including reinstalling and manually configuring everything if I have to...