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Title: A of issues with 2.2 beta 3
Post by: rwebb616 on Sunday 17 February 2008, 07:29:22 am

I'm having problems with a  of things with the new version and it may just be because it's done differently in 2.2.  They are:

1) aliases - I'm presuming this functionality moved under uplink configuration by checking the box for multiple IPs.  I have set several IPs - some on the same subnet as the red interface and some on another subnet.  From the outside, I can access anything on the subnet that corresponds to the red interface, but the other subnet is inaccessible.  This configuration worked under 2.1.2 with aliases (which I'm currently using)

2) zone pinholes - trying to add a rule to allow traffic from orange to green for a specific host on both zones and specific port i.e.: (orange) port 25 --> (green) port 25
to forward mail from a gateway in the DMZ.  This works under dmz pinholes in 2.1.2.  The only equivalent that I can find is under zone firewall.  I have set up a rule for specific hosts and ports and it does not allow the traffic.

These may be bugs, but also may be something that I am doing incorrectly.

Any help is appreciated greatly!


-- Modified - I accidently put this in installation - probably needs to go to General.