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Title: Open VPN hub Spoke config
Post by: Endianfan on Thursday 22 March 2007, 12:59:38 am
Hi All,

I have succesfully installed and config a Master Endian with OpenVPN server and 3 client Endian boxes with open vpn clinet config.

I use routed mode. Connections established succesfully on all.

Problem :

I can ping master endian with openvpn server from client and any client to any client.

I cannot ping any other host on the green subnet on Endian Master or clients.

I have tried setting master as default gateway and not default gateway.

If i make a ssh conn to master from client , I can ping any host on the master green network.

Also how do I make permanent changes to openserver.conf ? My settings gets lost on reboot.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

PS : I use proxy on endian clients to connect to upsteam proxy(Endian Master and the to internet) This works great