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Title: Need help w/VPN Performance (IPSEC)
Post by: capsmet on Friday 14 January 2011, 09:54:02 am
Hello EFW Community,

I have two Endian boxes running and have created an IPSEC tunnel between them.  Both sites have good throughput (25 down, 5 mbps up) and are on the same ISP's network.

Without IPSEC I have been able achieve great throughput between the two sites.

With IPSEC the connection seems to max out at about 350 KB/s -- which is especially painful for sharing large files.

For both sides I have tried different settings (3DES vs AES), turned QOS off and also tried changing the MTU -- without improving the performance at all.

With respect to the MTU, I tried using 1300, however after committing the change (by clicking on save), the GUI does not display the new MTU.  It is, however, noted in the logs... so I'm not sure if that is a configuration bug, or just a GUI/display bug.  Changing from default to 1300 also did not improve anything.

I'm very hopeful that some members of the community can point me in the right direction so that I can get this working better.  At present speeds it's not usable for our needs.