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Title: OpenVPN Windows 7 route problem
Post by: oversten on Monday 26 September 2011, 02:38:14 am
Hi All,
hoping somebody can help me with my VPN problem.
Just set up EFW and configured the VPN through OpenVPN.

My problem is that when my win 7 machine has connected to VPN I can PING everything on my orange network and the EFW
However I can not PING anything else on the 192.168.X network.

After doing some tracert I realized that the row thats added to the routing table is incorrect, the row looks like this:         On-link
Where is the IP i recevied from EFW vpn server.
Problem is that On-Link makes this route use "default system gateway" and that is not the correct one, I want it to use

I tried to push the correct route from the server but this results in two routes to the same network and Win7 seems to choose the "On-Link route anyway".
At the moment I have solved this by adding a bat-file to route-up where I delete routes for and adds ONE back again with the correct gateway.
This solution isn't ideal though since I have to change this bat-file for every client since the tap-adapter has different interface numbers on every client.

Does anybody know of a solution to this problem, either natively or a way to more dynamically change the routes on connect through for example route-up


Title: Re: OpenVPN Windows 7 route problem
Post by: mrkroket on Tuesday 27 September 2011, 12:59:19 am
About OpenVPN clients, routing issues can be from three causes:
1-On the firewall there are incorrect rules for the VPN firewall. You must set the correct rules to allow the traffic pass from VPN to X.
2-Clients doesn't properly add their routes. This is a known problem in Windows Vista/7 machines. I think you can set a line on the client's config file to fix that. As a dirty easy workaround run OpenVPN as administrator. Search the very same problem on Google, is typical.
3-Target machine doesn't have a route to reach the Client. Check all routes (forward and backwards) with traceroute, to ensure that the traffic does what you expected.

Title: Re: OpenVPN Windows 7 route problem
Post by: tuneo on Monday 23 January 2012, 03:35:43 am
I am facing same issue and workaround by bridge openVPN connection to Blue zone then go to VPN Firewall and put
Blue - OpenVPN : Any --> Green
Green --> Blue - OpenVPN
and it seem to work well

I don't know why bridge to Green generate routing problem. But now I move to next