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Title: 64 Bit Support coming???? at least keep the 32 Bit up to date please
Post by: GreatGazoo on Wednesday 09 October 2013, 03:12:33 am
It seems so obvious, but apparently you folks enjoy being behind the curve.  I am running some of the services (not many really) on the community version and it uses 94% of the RAM and 46% of the swap since you are limited to 3 Gig.  If I add ten more ten VPN's, (using ten now) it crashes. If I add over 30 rules (using 23 currently), it crashes.  Your product is limiting what I can do and what can be done.  Why would you be so hesitant to actually update your product to be somewhat with the times.  You have old packages such as squid and ntop to just name a few.  If you cannot even keep the 32 bit version up to date, my expectations have been misplaced for continued use of your product.  When do you plan on releasing an updated 32 bit version and when do you folks plan on moving to a 64 bit version?  I was thinking about purchasing the full version for fail over but these limitations certainly are making me rethink this idea. I would like to know since your product WAS great and now it is good at best. Is it time to consider another product that is actually up to date since it appears that you have no plans to move forward?