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Title: OpenVPN GW2GW troubles
Post by: cuniverse on Thursday 23 January 2014, 03:13:44 pm
Hello everyone.

I need some advice with the new version Community version 3.0 that just released, I upgraded from 2.5.2. After upgrade everything seemed to be working as it should except for our site-to-site VPN. I had it configured and working before the upgrade, but i'm guessing since it upgraded to a newer & more advanced feature openvpn, that the old settings wouldn't work anymore. (I just assumed this) So I deleted the user account and certificates on both sides and recreated from scratch after it failed to reconnect on its own.

I will have to say, that this newer version could defiantly used better details on how to set up, after hours of banging my  on the desk trying to get it working, I am now able to connect to the main office firewall without trouble from a remote PC using the OpenVPN software on windows 7. The problem is, I can't for the life of me get the GW2GW client on the remote office to sucessfully connect to the main office for nothing! I matched the settings from the remote PC that will connect fine and all the remote office firewall will do is say "connection refused". I have imported the the certificate and verified the user/password is correct (used same info on test remote pc) and it just wont connect! Is there some new trick you have to do to get it working? I have used OpenVPN for years now as also endian firewalls. I figured since it was out of beta now that this had been tested and verified it worked before going to stable...

Any settings or logs you need I can supply if needed.

Thanks in advance for any help, as I'm in a bind since the remote office is down until I get this back up. I really don't want to have to reinstall both sides back to 2.5.2 just to get this fixed..

Title: Re: OpenVPN GW2GW troubles
Post by: mmiat on Thursday 23 January 2014, 09:31:18 pm
PC connect from remote office?
gw2gw and roadwarrior use same port? tcp protocol?

Title: Re: OpenVPN GW2GW troubles
Post by: cuniverse on Friday 24 January 2014, 01:04:56 am
I installed the openvpn client software on one of the pc's at the remote office just to test the connection with. It connects fine, but i'm needing the remote office's endian firewall to actually connect gw2gw so the whole location is on our network at the main office. That is what is failing..

I am only using openvpn gw2gw (client) inside endian, I don't have roadwarrior even enabled. (guessing its only used in IPsec)

UDP, default port 1194

Title: Re: OpenVPN GW2GW troubles
Post by: cuniverse on Saturday 25 January 2014, 06:41:07 am
Just wanted to let everyone know, I got it working. For some reason, even though IPsec was turned off in the gui, it was running in the background. After I killed the service manually, the OpenVPN link came straight up. I can turn on/off IPsec in the gui now and it doesn't affect the link, so not sure what really was causing it to block & be running in the first place.

Thanks though for giving me something to look for!

Title: Re: OpenVPN GW2GW troubles
Post by: phqr58 on Friday 31 January 2014, 07:53:17 am
I also upgraded to 3.0 ENDIAN community since version 2.5.2. Ipsec VPN successfully communicates remote office having ENDIAN 2.5.2 community but communication is cut all the time. Fallen stays longer than .