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Title: changing NIC
Post by: ollenotna on Monday 19 October 2015, 05:39:45 am
I had to transfer my disk with endian 2.5.1 on a new computer, then with new network cards.

Now, clearly the network cards (only red and green) were eth2 and eth3.

I then edited /etc/businfotab changing eth2-eth3 to eth0-eth1.

On restart with ifconfig I see that eth1 is properly configured with the IP address of the external network (red), while the eth0 is not configured.

Yet in /var/efw/ethernet/settings I see:

GREEN_IPS = / 24

there is also

and in /var/efw/ethernet/br0 I see:


In short, eth0 should be configured.

I try  netwizard but I get an invalid command mssage (I assume it is for  3.0 endian)
and I do not know how to change the card's via console, as I can not use the web interface.

what shall I do?

other option:
reinstall from scratch upgrading to endian 3
but how to save the configurations of the existing proxy and transfer them to the new installation, all from the console?