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Title: Owncloud
Post by: Francisco on Friday 27 July 2018, 01:46:30 am
Hola a todos,

Necesito ayuda ya qu con la version de endian 3.0.5 no puedo ingresar a mi nube de owncloud, lo raro que es la direccion cloud.localhost.cl/owncloud me da error 110 pero si trato de entrar por la ip local no da el error.
żAlguno sabe como puedo solucionar esto? 

Title: Re: Owncloud
Post by: Dark-Vex on Monday 30 July 2018, 05:14:11 pm

you are not able to access to your owncloud server by calling it with the hostname from the LAN or from the WAN?
If it's from the LAN you have two ways to fix it:
- Create a host record under "Network > Hosts" cloud.localhost.cl that point to the local IP. With this configuration the clients in the LAN will resolve the hostname with the local IP insted of the Public IP

- The alternative if you don't want to create an host entry is to create a NAT Loopback rule like this (it's just an example):

[you should already have this one i think if the service is reachable from outside]
incoming ip --> uplink main:IP:
Incoming Service/Port -->tcp:8090
Translate to --->

then go to from firewall > port forwarding/nat > snat and create a rule like this:
Source --> network/ip -->
Destination -> network/ip -->
Service/Port ---> 8090
nat to source address ->