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 on: Wednesday 12 September 2018, 06:21:42 am 
Started by jesus.beltran - Last post by pavo07

Had the same issue. Furthermore I initially thought it was a different situation since I didn't see any cursor blinking, just the black screen and nothing else, but this was later discarded by connecting a different monitor which showed the blinking cursor (resolution issues, you know).

In my case, after playing with AHCI/Legacy, UEFI, secure boot and several options from BIOS + several Endian install attempts (versions 3.2.2 to 3.2.5), nothing seemed to work... At the end we installed a Windows System (7) in the machine (HP ProDesk 600 G1) and in the process we found several partitions in the HDD, possibly created by the previous Endian install attempts, such partitions were deleted leaving only one. Windows got installed and we tried Endian install again on this same machine an disk, in this case with successful result: 3.2.5 up and running.

Hope this helps others in the community  Wink


 on: Wednesday 12 September 2018, 12:03:17 am 
Started by kkhald - Last post by kkhald
As the encryption is rather CPU intensive when using VPN connections.
It would be great to have EAS-NI supported to offload some of the CPU strain!
Would result in better VPN speeds and lower CPU utilization.

All the best.

 on: Tuesday 11 September 2018, 11:59:12 pm 
Started by kkhald - Last post by kkhald
Hello all.

For onces, I actually read through the documentation. But it failed to give me answer.

So I'm hoping that one of you know if the EAS-NI instructions are supported when using VPN encryption?
As said, I've not been able to find evidence for or again the support of this.

All the best!

 on: Monday 10 September 2018, 11:24:00 pm 
Started by mmiat - Last post by yaseen.md
Hi I am also facing same issue.
I have installed 3.2.5 EFW & installed https certificate in trusted root certificate authorities.
So after that i am able to connect google.com only but not able to browse any other sites.
Can any one please provide configuring HTTPS proxy in endia firewall 3.2.5. Embarrassed

 on: Monday 10 September 2018, 07:55:51 pm 
Started by rice.damianj - Last post by Charon
Does splitting the zone into subzones mess with any other settings btw? It sounds like it might, but I could be wrong.

 on: Monday 03 September 2018, 05:13:56 pm 
Started by littlefishknife - Last post by Dark-Vex

thanks for the link, I have also suggested to implement the support of punycode domains to endian https://jira.endian.com/browse/UTM-2072


 on: Saturday 01 September 2018, 05:58:16 am 
Started by juliano190177 - Last post by juliano190177
It is not running on S2S Endian to Azure VPN. Is there any documentation on this?

 on: Saturday 25 August 2018, 03:43:06 am 
Started by rwm - Last post by rwm
Olá pessoal,
è possivel liberar no Trafico de Saida algum site por dominio em vez de IP ?  pois só estou conseguindo colocar IP para liberar.

Por ex: preciso liberar direto sem passar por prox minha rede toda para acessar as aplicações o dominio do Serasa

 on: Tuesday 21 August 2018, 11:36:27 pm 
Started by littlefishknife - Last post by littlefishknife

That website translated in unicode is the equivalent of:
3 "w"DOTxn--espaaescultura-tnbDOTes

So if you insert that one in the HTTP Proxy it should be accepted  Smiley



Thanks a lot for this very simple and efficient workaround solution to my problem.

Here is an URL which helps to perform any Unicode conversion for EFW: 3 "w"DOTnameDOTcom/punycode-converter


 on: Monday 20 August 2018, 08:45:21 pm 
Started by littlefishknife - Last post by Dark-Vex
I forget to mention, you can discover what kind of unicode charset are used on Firefox by enabling in about:config "network.IDN_show_punycode" to true


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