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 on: Monday 06 May 2019, 05:32:13 pm 
Started by Sainsuper2019 - Last post by Dark-Vex
BADTCP usually means that the connection doesn't comeback by following the same path.
So in your case could be that the request made by to is passing through but comeback to your PC directly instead of passing back through

 on: Saturday 04 May 2019, 12:42:29 am 
Started by Sainsuper2019 - Last post by Sainsuper2019
hello i have a routed problem with endian 3.3

my configuration is

green red 82.x.x.x
in the same LAN there is a gateway( to do vpn to external network

in endian a i have created a route to redirect traffic to using

the route works if i made ping o tracert on a Windows machine, bat if i try to use remote desktop or ssh or lan access dosn't work.

in a log firewall i see:

BADTCP:DROP TCP (br0) -> (br0) -
MAC=00:0c:29:0d:c0:bf:00:0c:29:ae:1d:72:08:00 LEN=40 TOS=00 PREC=0x00 TTL=127 ID=21819 DF SEQ=2300448212 ACK=173446266 WINDOW=260 ACK URGP=0 MARK=0

from endian shell instead ssh to this network works.

i have made many search in this forum and the only way to resolv this problem is disable BADTCP like this post:

h ttp://efwsupport.com/index.php?topic=5548.0

but i don't want to disable badtcp.

there is no way to exclude remote network from badtcp without disable it?

 on: Friday 03 May 2019, 07:01:14 pm 
Started by opsystem - Last post by opsystem

just wondering what's the right procedure to add a custom RBL (Proxy -> SMTP -> Black & Whitelist -> Realtime Blacklist).
Does enyone have experience on this? Shoud I just go manually on SA config?


 on: Monday 29 April 2019, 09:45:20 pm 
Started by amir066 - Last post by amir066
hi there
i can't find l2tp option in community appliance 3.3.0

 on: Friday 22 March 2019, 07:46:31 am 
Started by CHECO22 - Last post by Timmeh
Does Endian assign Ubuntu an IP address from DHCP?

Can you ping the IP of the green interface?

What DNS server do you have set?

 on: Friday 22 March 2019, 07:43:29 am 
Started by jurgyen - Last post by Timmeh
Sounds odd. Did you inline upgrade to 3.3? Maybe do a clean install and restore from backup?

Like you, I have it running on multiple hyper-v hosts without a problem.

 on: Tuesday 19 March 2019, 06:18:27 am 
Started by Keruskerfuerst - Last post by Keruskerfuerst
I dont know if drivers in the kernel are missing.

 on: Monday 18 March 2019, 07:34:44 pm 
Started by soletmod - Last post by Dark-Vex
Yes it can be a certificate problem but you should see it in the logs
What's the output of:

ipsec up <your-tunnel-name>

and the output of:

cat /var/log/ipsec/ipsec.log

after trying to bring up the tunnel?

 on: Friday 15 March 2019, 07:19:37 am 
Started by Keruskerfuerst - Last post by kramick
Missing drivers maybe?

 on: Friday 15 March 2019, 04:49:57 am 
Started by Keruskerfuerst - Last post by Keruskerfuerst
Boot during installation stops with (UEFI and non UEFI):
pnp: PnP ACPI: found 4 devices

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