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Title: Proxy Auth. (Active Directory) - SOLVED
Post by: Gavin on Tuesday 20 April 2010, 05:06:36 am
Hey EFW Community!

I'm trying to get my Endian Firewall (Community 2.3.0) to authenticate users against an Active Directory server. So far I have the firewall connected to Active Directory successfully. When I create an access policy, all the groups and usernames show up in the "Authentication" dropdown as they should.

The problem is, I can still open my browser and open up any site without it first trying to authenticate me. I've tried restarting the firewall, restarting my workstation, clearing caches etc.

Perhaps I miss understood how this is supposed to work, but I wanted the Firewall to authenticate the user before they can browse the web. Any ideas?



Apparently it works if I manually set my browser to use the Proxy. But if I let the "transparent" mode try, it just gives me an access denied error. Based on my searches, this may be a limitation to the Community Edition. That being said, has anybody found a work around?


Ok, so I found some more information, and it seems that user based authentication is NOT a limitation of Endian, but rather a limitation of the transparent proxy method. I've provided some links below regarding my findings. I hope this helps others in the same situation.