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Title: Increase Default SMTP timeout???SOLVED incorrect DNS setup.
Post by: turitopa on Thursday 10 February 2011, 09:45:04 am
I am getting some 4.4.2 errors with some outgoing mail.
Please refer to Log extract below.
Feb  8 08:24:11 ***** postfix/smtp[27636]: DE365DE104: to=<*****@yahoo.co.uk>, relay=mx1.mail.eu.yahoo.com[]:25, delay=430024, delays=429643/0/184/197, dsn=4.4.2, status=deferred (lost connection with mx1.mail.eu.yahoo.com[] while sending end of data -- message may be sent more than once)
Where can I change the Default SMTP timeout period on Endian 2.3?  so that my connection is not lost?
Or should I adjust my MTU settings?  Any else notice this?
Please advise...

btw I am running SBS2008, exchange 2007 on a Xenserver.

Title: Re: Increase Default SMTP timeout???
Post by: zreis on Thursday 17 February 2011, 02:41:53 am
Did you figure this out? 

I am also trying to change the 'smtp_data_xfer_timeout' setting in /postfix/main.cf   

I restart postfix to affect the change but it just removes the entry I added and stays at the default of 180s.

Title: Re: Increase Default SMTP timeout???
Post by: turitopa on Thursday 17 February 2011, 08:57:06 am
Hi Zreis,

I had not setup send connectors correctly.

I repointed my Exchange server Send-connector  to EFW smarthost(no auth), then on EFW connect to smarthost of my ISP send connector (isp Auth).
I also changed my DNS setup on my DC.  I had listed EFW box as a secondary dns for the network device on the DC. i removed that so now only DC DNS and setup conditional Forwarding to my EFW and ISP DNS.

Previously i was sending direct from exchange to internet.

If that makes any sense, but yes i no longer have any 4.4.2 errors in my immediate logs.  Knock on wood.

Hope this helps you.

EDIT: btw i have disabled Virus scan of SMTP proxy, and 4.4.2 disappeared.  Therefore my CLAM AV is malfunctioning but i just bypass it now, not the best solution but it works.