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Title: HTTP Proxy bypasses Firewall
Post by: SWsmily on Thursday 27 November 2008, 12:03:19 am

I'm using Endian Community Version 2.2 RC3.

I want all clients on green may have access to the internet, but clients on the blue have to be written into outgoing firewall with their MAC-Adress to access the internet. But when I enable the Proxy every one has access to http (port 80). All other ports are blocked by firewall, but port 80. When I disable the Proxy everything is blocked for all non written down clients.
On enabled Proxy server the firewall log only shows connections to the endian-ip-adress on port 8080, instead of the real destination ip-adress.
I need the Proxy for content filtering but I want, that only allowed clients may have access to the internet.

On version 2.1 everything worked fine but VPN. Thats why I upgraded to 2.2 RC3.

Did I configure something wrong? What can I do against that behaviour?

Thanks a lot!