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Title: VPN GW2GW ping is not bilateral
Post by: Ivo on Friday 23 April 2021, 01:44:48 am
I have been set up a VPN GW2GW as described on document from "Knowledge base" "Set up an OpenVPN Net2Net Connection"
Now if if run ping from lan B to lan A it is working well, viceversa from lan A to Lan B it doesn't give any response.
Do you have any suggestions?
I need to connect IPcam under lan B and see it through VPN connection in LAN A.


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Post by: MariMow on Thursday 30 June 2022, 11:33:14 am
I connected my OPLite to my wifi without any issue.  I see my routers DHCP assigns it an IP.  I can ping the OPLite from windows but when I try to access it from my windows file explorer cannot connect or be found.  HELP

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Post by: KarinaMow on Thursday 30 June 2022, 11:45:35 am
When you attach something, please only attach, and do not try to insert it to the post. That way it will work. Right now it doesnt work. If you can give me a screenshot of the crash, we could discover something.
So I did a quick test on my Windows workstation via a VPN and it works right off the bat. I logged in to a troubleshooting account on -Sharing without ticking remember me. It logged me in normally and stay logged for 5 minutes. I didnt test it for more than 5 minutes. I can say it works normally.
Browser: Chrome 64 bit.