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Title: SMTP proxy
Post by: gerbil on Wednesday 19 September 2007, 04:49:11 pm

Thought it was time to post a SMTP proxy topic, there was none  ;)
By the way, my goal is to use efw as a SMTP proxy to prevent viruses and spam.
I've tried with an exchange server that was directly connected to the internet MX points to my server(behind a firewall), and everything worked fine, in a transparent mode the mails were collected by efw, and sent to my exchange server, efw did the job well, no more spam and no more relays attempts on my exchange server, I wrote attempts, there were no relay before, just connection, but that's not the point.

Now I'm trying to do the same thing with a Lotus Domino server, that is not directly sending or receiving mails from the internet. The MX points to an IP from a provider,and the domino server is relaying to that IP and allow that IP to relay incoming mail. As the smtp relay of that provider is used by several spammers, that IP is often in the black list of the RBLs and it's quite annoying and that will be my second question.
I did the same as I did with the exchange server, efw is acting as a proxy and relay mails from our ISP's smtp, do the spam and viruses job, then send it back to the domino server, as far as I know, everything worked fine except that I saw the domino opening the smtp and receiving messages from efw in the console of domino, but mails were never delivered to their recipient's adresses, I mean into the lotus mailboxes. Only the mail sent to the efw's postmaster's mailbox were delivered.
Does anybody has an idea of how to set up this?
One more question, if I'm allowed, I don't know how to manage outgoing mail with efw to send it directly to the internet, I have no pop3 protocol, only smtp.

Thanks for reading.