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Title: slow cache
Post by: adassoft on Saturday 30 May 2009, 08:45:32 am
I am using Endian 2.2, however I am having difficulty with the cache, I used the BrazilFW with it when I had to download a file on a machine of the network he stored the cached file, if I fall again into the same file another machine of the network, the download was done at a speed of approximately 1 MB per second. Already in Endian, this is not happening, all machines of the network takes the same time as the first machine took to download.
I went looking at the size of the folder / var / spool / squid and what could Verica is storing the same thing, because the size of it is increasing. But the feeling I have is that the proxy cache is not looking at the requests of the seasons.

I hope you have understood my text because I do not speak English, entered the text in Portuguese and translated using Google.