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Title: EFW stops while booting after loading Squid
Post by: tomakos on Tuesday 16 October 2007, 06:17:08 am
Hello group!
I installed a copy of Endian Community 2.1.2 yesterday on a nex box.
Everything went fine, until I rebooted the box for testing.
The following occurs each time I reboot: Endian starts all services until it comes to:
Setting up network interfaces
Setting up efw firewall rules
Starting httpd [OK]
Starting snort (if enabled)
Starting squid [OK]
… And there it stops! I can’t switch to another console with CTRL-ALT-F2 or do anything. It remains there forever.
But: when I press CTRL-C, it continues normally with the next message:
Starting httpd [OK]
Starting snort (if enabled)
Starting squid [OK]
Setting up IP accounting
and Endian continues to boot properly and starts ok!
When I go to the web-frontend of Endian to the menu Proxy>HTTP and disable the web proxy for green and orange (I have only green, orange and red), the booting goes without any problem and without any stopping:
Starting httpd [OK]
Starting snort (if enabled)
Setting up IP accounting
But then of course I have not squid-web-proxy anymore.
I have not changed anything to Endian on console level, only the settings of the web-frontend!
What can I do? What is the problem? Any advice of anyone?
Best regards
P.S. Update: Now I have exactly the same effect on BOTH of my EFW-boxes!

Title: Re: EFW stops while booting after loading Squid
Post by: crieder on Wednesday 17 October 2007, 07:38:20 am
I have exact the same situation, but I left the box as it was and after roundabout 3 minutes it finished booting

Title: Re: EFW stops while booting after loading Squid
Post by: sonicsteve on Saturday 29 March 2008, 01:41:42 am
I had this same issue as well with verion 2.1.2 CTRL-C worked but that's not a great solution. If I go on vacation there needs to be someone around if we have a major power failure. I found that this bug would occur if the EFW experienced a power loss or you reset the box using the reset button. I do this to test the systems stability, power failures happen and I need to know that my setup will recover and remain stable.
I'm very suprised that more people haven't posted on this bug. I've seen it occur on 3 very different hardware platforms.

Upon further testing I have found that if I press CTRL-C it disables the content filter from functioning. Yes the proxy works, but filtering is wide open. It almost seems that the hanging on bootup is related to the content filter. In version 2.2beta3 it boots up properly but then the content filter doesn't work. I like this and when the filter is working it works superbly, but it seems to have real problems with the "working properly" part.

I noticed that just after pressing CTRL-C it says "could not read bypass file" I hope we have some people around here who can help.
I'll say it again, this software has great potential, I really want to use it. I need to get this thing working properly though.

Title: Re: EFW stops while booting after loading Squid
Post by: Qrius on Monday 07 April 2008, 09:21:32 pm
same problem here...

For the next reboot; first disable the proxy server.
and then: web-front-end, enable the proxy server again?

Then it start-up, and done ?

Title: Re: EFW stops while booting after loading Squid
Post by: nooter on Friday 27 June 2008, 05:39:44 am
same problem here..  I'm unable to get the content and http antivirus to start again once the machine is rebooted.  The proxy I can get functioning again, but no go on the content and antivirus.

Only thing I can find that works is reinstalling the whole thing.  Shame, cause it works great when everything is running, just don't reboot it!!   ;D

Title: Re: EFW stops while booting after loading Squid
Post by: charelke on Saturday 26 July 2008, 04:51:28 am
HI All,

I am advanced software engineer. I have exactly the same problem with EFW.

My workaround was to logon to the webinterface and to restart the proxyserver via the save and restart button. This is possible as httpd starts correctly.

After this the boot process continues normally.
Using version 2.1.2 VM appliance.

I have an additional query. My EFW or the VM is running on a Mnadriva 2008 host.

I seem to get most things to work.

However, after having port forwarded port 10443 in my Draytek firewall to the green IP's interface I still cant get to the web interface from the outside world and Yes I did add the rule in external access for port 10443.

I also had to add MSN rules in the outgoing firewall unless this was done MSN was not singing in on green machines.

Any one know what that bypass file reads, I saw it too but only after a fresh install, I can see these as I have snapshots in VMware server.

More, I had to give the proxy's access log a chmod a+r else the web interface would not show the log entries at all??

I suppose these are bugs.

However, my content filtering is off.

Could someone explain to me what the difference between tranparant and normal proxy mode is or achieves on green?

Thanks in advance hoping to see a solution soon.
VM Appliance was downloaded from the Endian website yesterday.

I made the extra interfaces bridged and therefore have now a efw firewall with 4 network interfaces.

Is there any way to see if the internal mail servers domains are being scanned as the logfile for smtp does not show anything for now?