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 on: Wednesday 14 September 2022, 06:39:41 pm 
Started by mainformatika - Last post by mainformatika
Buongiorno, ci sono compatibiliÓ hardware da dover rispettare? non riesco ad installare Endian su un nuovo PC, mi rimane una schermata nera durante installazione
possibile che la scheda madre non sia compatibile? consigli?


 on: Monday 05 September 2022, 05:12:08 pm 
Started by garroz - Last post by garroz
Hello, I use EFW Community on a board without a video card.
Up to version 3.3.0 I managed everything through the serial port with hyperterminal
I started efw-upgrade up to version 3.3.18.
after reboot the boot process stops on the attached screen

so I can no longer manage it via serial but can only access via web-gui
i checked on the grub parameters but nothing seems to have changed.
where can i check?

 on: Thursday 25 August 2022, 04:45:53 am 
Started by pisisler - Last post by pisisler
Had resolved the issue temporarily by defining local IPs with domains in their respectful hosts files. But how to set NAT loopback in Endian for good?

 on: Wednesday 24 August 2022, 11:19:03 pm 
Started by pisisler - Last post by pisisler
Hi all.

I have newly installed Endian Community Firewall 3.3.18 and set our VPSs behind it; two of which are a Centos 7 server and a Windows server. Both serve some websites and APIs. After installing and configuring the firewall; both servers can not reach each other through HTTP. Web sites work very well on the browser; there is no port problem.

I open an RDP to the Windows VPS, I open the browser and browse the API URL successfully. But the very same server times out when I try to reach that URL with PHP (cURL or PHP Socket (file_get_contents()). THe same case applies from Centos to Windows too. I open Centos terminal, ping the API URL in Windows server, it is successful. On the very same terminal I try to connect with cURL, but it times out too.

This has become a very immediate problem to us.

What are we missing in configuration of Endian?

 on: Saturday 20 August 2022, 12:39:32 am 
Started by kamleshk - Last post by blastorious
What i did was add a rule to allow access on the red zone. Actually it was all zones. i allowed all the ports on any zone. It was simply so i could access using the red zone. I'm going to remove it after i've finished connecting through red zone.

1 <ANY>

 on: Saturday 20 August 2022, 12:35:27 am 
Started by blastorious - Last post by blastorious
i was wondering if there was an add on or some additional software i can install to make the traffic logs readable to the average person? I'm trying to monitor the traffic that is going through the firewall and I need to send it to someone who doesn't know much about computers. The details need to at least have the webpage visited ,  extras would be nice like time on the website, ip address, etc

 on: Sunday 07 August 2022, 12:22:24 pm 
Started by Douglas TI - Last post by edegiobbi
Hola, es sensillo: vas a PROXY/DNS/Antis-spyware, lo habilitas y alli tienes 2 ventanas, la de la derecha bloquea dominios, todo lo que figura alli no  a menos que algun usuario tenga cambiados los DNS ejemplo (use los de google 8.8.8.Cool.
Tambien tenes otra posibilidad, en la solapa [Network] / Edith Host, alli en el 1er renglon que dice (iP address) pones, 2do renglon que dice (Hostname) pones https, y en el 3er renglon que dice (Remark) pones un nombre figurativo que te dirva de referencia, en el renglon de la derecha que esta apartado que dice (Domain name) pones el dominio que no queres que accedan....

(IP address)
(Hostname) https
(Remark) Youtube                  (Domain name) youtube.com

eso hara que nadie ni si quiera con bypass acceda, pues cuando intente navegar a youtube, el mismo redirije al loopback.

espero te sirva

 on: Tuesday 26 July 2022, 01:48:48 am 
Started by kamleshk - Last post by kamleshk
I am able to access GUI locally using GREEN interface IP nut Not able to Access the same over internet using WAN IP ( RED INTERFACE) please help.

 on: Tuesday 26 July 2022, 01:47:18 am 
Started by kamleshk - Last post by kamleshk
I have installed EFW 3.3 successfully. and i am able to ping locally ( to my green interface card) But Not able to Ping from remote to my RED interface-  my WAN IP. Please help me to enable ping over remotely.


 on: Saturday 23 July 2022, 01:30:10 am 
Started by loller12 - Last post by loller12
Hi everybody, first of all I'sorry if my english shouldn't be good. btw, i'm new with endian fw and i'm having some issues.
i successfully installed endian on vmware ESXI, and i configured it.
I have the configuration of a working firewall and i'm trying to replicate it.

the schematic of the network is the following:

WAN----------ROUTER------------------FIREWALL---------------------LAN-----------------PC I'm using
            private ip           red:                192.168.0.x              IP - MASK - GW

I don't care about having a dmz or a wifi connection, so i ignored orange and blue interfaces.
In the network where there's the working firewall, if I set the fw green interface ip (in my case as pc's gateway, i can navigate on internet without problems, but in mine it's not happening.

I executed some ping:
from lan to fw (ping it works
from fw to lan (in shell the ping to works)
from fw to router (ping it doesn't work and i think this is why i don't browse.

What am i doing wrong?

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