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 on: Thursday 30 June 2022, 11:45:35 am 
Started by Ivo - Last post by KarinaMow
When you attach something, please only attach, and do not try to insert it to the post. That way it will work. Right now it doesnt work. If you can give me a screenshot of the crash, we could discover something.
So I did a quick test on my Windows workstation via a VPN and it works right off the bat. I logged in to a troubleshooting account on -Sharing without ticking remember me. It logged me in normally and stay logged for 5 minutes. I didnt test it for more than 5 minutes. I can say it works normally.
Browser: Chrome 64 bit.

 on: Thursday 30 June 2022, 11:40:42 am 
Started by tmedcalf - Last post by MariMow
Could you fit these to a SOTF axle?

If not then how easy is it to convert to the older style axle with manual locking hubs? Is it a direct swap?

 on: Thursday 30 June 2022, 11:33:14 am 
Started by Ivo - Last post by MariMow
I connected my OPLite to my wifi without any issue.  I see my routers DHCP assigns it an IP.  I can ping the OPLite from windows but when I try to access it from my windows file explorer cannot connect or be found.  HELP

 on: Thursday 30 June 2022, 11:29:11 am 
Started by Gabriel GHEORGHIU - Last post by MariMow
Yeah ;__; so far.
But we waited so long for One Step/Tomorrow never knows, so we might as well wait for this one.

at least were gonna get something. hopefully

 on: Monday 27 June 2022, 03:45:27 am 
Started by bachir - Last post by KarinaMow
Thanks for that web site, I am going to look around and see if I can get anything from that.  I was wondering if you knew anything about creating sync point unit of work.  Also, I need a way to determine the amount of messages on a queue before I do a get on the queue.

Any help on those?

 on: Monday 27 June 2022, 03:31:52 am 
Started by Mystical_Titan - Last post by MariMow
yes you can use your sx-8 with VT5 you just do not have the rear audio channels and I think something else but I can not remember  you would have to update your card and get an sx-84 to get the rear channels as far as I know...

 on: Monday 27 June 2022, 03:09:27 am 
Started by oakleeman - Last post by MariMow
Anyone know where I can get the parts to change the wiper control on my 1995 bighorn.  I want to change it from the dash to a stalk on the steering column.  Currently the column has a single stalk for the indicators.

 on: Monday 27 June 2022, 02:57:00 am 
Started by nico81cn - Last post by MariMow
I wonder why we have to feel pride just on the basis that someone is Hmong. I feel proud of anyone who has achieved, regardless of whether or not they are Hmong.

 on: Wednesday 22 June 2022, 06:06:25 pm 
Started by Coeste - Last post by Coeste
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 on: Friday 17 June 2022, 06:32:41 pm 
Started by flashvenom - Last post by tillw863
Unfortunately no stress tool is installed on the EFW operating system. However, you could stree CPU by a small shell script:
for i in $(seq $(nproc)); do yes > /dev/null & done
Don't forget to kill the yes process when done.

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