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 on: Friday 04 August 2023, 09:33:20 pm 
Started by aeps - Last post by aeps
I need some help to release Web.WhatSapp in Endian 3.2.2 using Non-Transparent Proxy.

Which rule to adopt and how to visualize the traffic?

I can't send and receive files through web.whatsapp


 on: Saturday 17 June 2023, 01:14:02 am 
Started by Keruskerfuerst - Last post by Keruskerfuerst

I have a problem with snort (IPS).
The download does not work and then IPS is disabled.

How can I solve this problem ?

 on: Friday 26 May 2023, 06:32:31 am 
Started by mc5686 - Last post by mc5686
My problem is to understand if EFW can handle my (very simple) topology and, if it can, how to set it up.

I have:
  • two modem/routers connected to the Internet
  • --- ModemA: ISP_A dynamic IP
  • --- ModemB: ISP_B routable IP
  • a single server which should be reachable from the Internet
  • a small home LAN (wired+WiFi Access Point)

I would like to place the two modems on RED, Server on ORANGE and everything else on GREEN.

                                |                |
                              ModemA           ModemB
                          (    (
                                |                |
          RED ( =====================
                        (       (
                              |                   |
    ORANGE ( =====      ===================== GREEN (
                              |         |    |    |       |
                           Server      PC1  PC2  PC3  WiFi-A.P.
The only quirk is double modem/routers on RED.

Specific needs are:
  • use ModemA (dynamic IP) as default uplink.
  • redirect all ports from ModemB (routable IP) to Server
  • use ModemB as uplink for Server
  • have some ping off-site to detect loss of connection on Modem A/B (2 different ISPs)
  • automatic failover in case one modem disconnects for any reason
  • incoming connections would be lost if ModemB is down, but that can't be helped AFAIK

I have seen "topic=1912.0", but I seem unable to add a second RED interface, reason
is it's not a second interface at all, but a second gateway on RED, in the same LAN segment.

Is this possible?
I don't have a fourth physical NIC on the machine I plan to use for EFW, I could add another
IP address on the same device, but I'm unsure.
Can someone advise, please?
I am just now playing with EFW so I might have missed something "obvious".


 on: Wednesday 03 May 2023, 05:33:52 am 
Started by blakilox - Last post by amelendez
can you solve this error, i hace the same problem

 on: Sunday 23 April 2023, 10:07:28 pm 
Started by hilkiah - Last post by hilkiah
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a USB nic (FE or GE speed) that works with the current version of Endian Firewall Community v3.3.22 with kernel 4.4.145 (i.e. the required kernel module/driver is available)?  Alternatively, can someone recommend a small factor computer that has at least 3 (preferably 4) NICs that works with Endian Firewall Community v3.3.22 with kernel 4.4.145?

Thanks for the feedback.

 on: Saturday 22 April 2023, 03:04:17 pm 
Started by Permise - Last post by mv82
Same problem here. When will there be a Version supporting this NIC? Dear Endian-team: I think it should be very soon since many manufacturers begin to use them in there firewall hardware products.

 on: Tuesday 18 April 2023, 11:16:05 pm 
Started by it-vts - Last post by it-vts
Hey everyone! Is it possible somehow to restart the openvpnclient via the command line or cron scheduler, which would be equivalent to a GUI on and off connection?

I found a python script:

https: //help.endian.com /hc/it/articles/218145348-Example-of-Custom-Script

but after its execution, absolutely nothing happens?!

Also I tried to stop/restart openvpnclient from here: /etc/init.d/openvpnclient stop <clientname>

but got an error:

Stopping openvpn client '': [FAILED]

My system: endian firewall community 3.3.9 Python 2.7


 on: Thursday 13 April 2023, 04:02:41 am 
Started by Mystical_Titan - Last post by Mystical_Titan
Hi all.

I want to setup a private VPN connection for a client who wants to connect to their office network off-site. I did a search on this forum for a how-to, but couldn't find anything. Can anyone help me setup EFW Community as a VPN server? Is this even possible or do I need to look elswhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 on: Sunday 09 April 2023, 12:02:33 pm 
Started by GD67II - Last post by TCr82
maybe you have boot in efi mode?

 on: Sunday 09 April 2023, 11:55:34 am 
Started by Stefano - Last post by TCr82
it seams still a problem in 2023 to install Endian Fw on a EFI only system.

I can enter grub, but after select the boot entry, there is no output.

It seams that the efi framebuffer driver is not compiled in.
The system boots in background - when it is up i get a beep all secounds.
It also reacts on sysrq reboot request (CTRL+ALT+PRINT and REISUB)

I also tested some kernel params, like nomodeset and video=vesa / video=efifb:list ... but all without success.

to bad, I would give it a try... but without console it seams not be possible for me.

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