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 on: Thursday 09 December 2021, 05:09:46 am 
Started by d072330 - Last post by d072330
I used to be able to block IP addresses when I was running version 2.3.  Now the same instructions for blocking IP addresses does not work.

In the portion of the block rule in the Insert IP section I used to leave blank.  Now when you try to leave the insert IP section blank it give this message.  Will not allow you to save the rule as long as it is blank.   

Invalid target IP address ""

Incoming IP Section:
  • Incoming IP: Zone/VPN/Uplink
  • Select interfaces: Uplink main - IP: All known
  • Service: ANY
  • Protocol: ANY

Translate to Section:
  • Type: IP
  • Insert IP: supposed to be blank but will not allow me to leave blank
  • Port/Range: Blank
  • NAT: NAT

Access From Section:
  • Source Type: Network/IP/Range
  • Filter: DROP
  • Insert network/IPs (one per line): only has one IP at the present moment for testing
  • Position: First

Did this change from version 2.3 to 3.3?

Is there a better way of doing this in version 3.3?

Why can the insert IP not be empty in version 3.3? 

 on: Wednesday 24 November 2021, 09:34:08 pm 
Started by mx2504t - Last post by mx2504t
I am trying to set up an endian firewall appliance and having a hard time with internal traffic routing.
Here is my setup:

Green subnet:
Endian firewall IP:
Additional internal routed subnet:
gateway ip address:

Either way, devices on and are unable to communicate properly.  For example, If I can do a simple ping from  192.168.200.x/24 to an ip address on 172.16.200.x/24, not work. If I can do a simple ping from  192.168.200.x/24 to an ip address on work.

Internet access from both works fine, it's just communication between the 2 subnets that isn't working. 

When I add the static route through the web based gui, the connections status page shows traffic coming from the subnet direction as red (internet traffic).
Routing table seems not to work. I have some subnet behind the green interface, I set up a route on the Nework -> Routing form, but no route results in the roouting table.
In fact if I make a traceroute EFW uses the RED interface to try to reach hosts in other "green" subnet. I also tryed to reboot EFW but nothing appens.

Is EFW able to manage subnet behind GREEN interface or not? Can I manage them form the web interface?


 on: Friday 19 November 2021, 05:53:54 pm 
Started by nico81cn - Last post by nico81cn
Just run efw-upgrade and updated to 3.3.12.
No noticable differences found...someone knows what are changes?

Still waiting to see clamav version update  Grin

 on: Saturday 06 November 2021, 01:15:31 am 
Started by beto2p - Last post by Olrac
qualcuno sa se esiste l'ISO della 3.3.10 e se supporta UEFI ?


 on: Thursday 04 November 2021, 07:23:19 pm 
Started by nico81cn - Last post by Olrac
Ragazzi ma dove trovo la iso della efw 3.3.10, sapete se è compatibile con UEFI ?

grazie in anticipo !!  Wink

 on: Thursday 28 October 2021, 04:56:22 am 
Started by Leonardo_toti - Last post by Leonardo_toti
Buonasera a tutti sono diciamo un novello ,nel senso che non è la prima volta che provo Endian, ma da quando (non so se è questa la causa) ho cambiato router ,prima avevo in Tim Hub ,adesso un fritz 7590 ,non riesco a fare il test Adsl  Ookla (200Mega) e nemmeno a mandare la posta con la configurazione creata durante l'installazione, cosa che non succede se disattivo il firewall in uscita, allora tutto fila liscio.
Con il firewall in uscita attivo navigo benissimo ma il resto non lo posso fare.
ho provato a fare dei Nat e a rifare le regole Http,Https,smtp,pop... ma non riesco a risolvere nulla ,nemmeno con IPS disattivato e riconfigurate le regole di installazione (consenti con IPS attivato/disattivato)
Il mio browser è Chrome e il client email è Mailbird.

Un grazie a tutti quelli che mi saranno d'aiuto.
Buona serata di nuovo

 on: Tuesday 12 October 2021, 11:26:09 pm 
Started by Thilo - Last post by mig
Ich hatte das gleiche Problem zwischen Blau und Grün.
Bei mir lag es an einer QoS Einstellung für Blau. Grin

 on: Monday 11 October 2021, 08:21:56 pm 
Started by darko - Last post by darko
I have already seen the difference
panda is in the appliance version, I use the community

 on: Monday 11 October 2021, 08:12:42 pm 
Started by darko - Last post by darko
Hello !!!
first sorry for my english
I have read that EFW, you can use two antivirus, clamAV and panda antivirus, I use clam-av on my firewall.
I have problems with clamAV, it is out of date and does not update.
My question is:
How to install Panda on my EFW?

 on: Tuesday 28 September 2021, 01:31:57 am 
Started by beto2p - Last post by fredbloggstwo
I would also appreciate some help and understanding about how to do this upgrade on clamav, especially as I did a 3.3.2 install a  of days ago and an upgrade took it to 3.3.10. So why not include a clamav upgrade in that?

Thanks for any help,


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