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 on: Wednesday 27 May 2020, 03:23:21 pm 
Started by birica - Last post by birica

I'm having some issues with our new Asterisk based VOIP system. I found several suggestions to increase UDP timeout value.  I can't find a setting for that anywhere.

Is there an equvalent of this feature from Sonicwall, that I can set on my Endian firewall?

Here is an example from SonicWall docs (see attached)

Thank you!

 on: Wednesday 08 April 2020, 07:08:36 am 
Started by atreyumu - Last post by atreyumu
Tengo un firewall endian configurado unicamente como servidor VPN.
Tengo conectados 35 usuarios y consume cerca del 95% de la memoria.Actualmente tiene 8 GB.
No hay nada raro, ni filtro, ni proxy...¿que puede estar pasando?

 on: Thursday 02 April 2020, 01:32:57 pm 
Started by UTM_Novice - Last post by UTM_Novice
I'm a bit lost with something I'm trying to do here...

For background, I have EFW 3.3.0, running on a multi-homed HP RP5700 Desktop, with the ubiquitous Green, Red, and Blue zones.

The Blue zone connects to a DLink DIR-890L router, which has three separate networks, routed back through it's 172.16.x.x/16 address to the EFW Box/Internet and Local LAN. My WiFi clients connect to the router using WPA2/PSK, with a complex password arrangement. I've "punched" some inter-zone holes from Blue to Green, to allow file/print access for WiFi-connected devices.

In essence, then, there is a blanket exemption from the 172.16.x.x/16 address on the routers ethernet link, through the EFW appliance to a number of fixed (192.168.1.x/24) addresses on the LAN. Naturally, only devices we've authenticated are able to get on to the WiFi network, and thus access internal resources.

Recently, my wife was given a (very nice) work laptop to use for work, and we'd prefer that this device is allowed to access the Internet only (i.e. not able to take advantage of the Blue to Green exemptions granted to our own devices).

Is this doable?

In an ideal world, I'd simply go into the exemption rule (Inter-zone traffic), and add exemptions based on individual MAC addresses. However, even if I did that (for example, "excluding" one of the WiFi SSIDs from the rule), it would not work, as they are all seen as the 172.16.x.x/16 address on the ethernet LAN (from the Firewall's perspective).

I'm probably missing something basic, but would appreciate any help people can offer...

 on: Sunday 29 March 2020, 11:46:39 pm 
Started by atreyumu - Last post by atreyumu
Hola, tengo una conexión VPN con endian y estoy buscando la forma de obtener un historial de conexion / desconexion de usuarios.
necesito saber que usuarios habia conectados en un dia concreto.

He visto opciones de openvpn mediante script, pero necesitaria instalar mysql y no se como hacerlo

 on: Sunday 22 March 2020, 10:03:08 am 
Started by thanks2world - Last post by thanks2world
There is no way for this, someone can reply me?

 on: Friday 13 March 2020, 08:47:08 pm 
Started by thanks2world - Last post by thanks2world
sorry for my bad english...

I want to know how many users (pc, nas, printers, etc.) are using internet trought endian in a specific moment is that possible?

Thanks in advance Smiley

 on: Thursday 12 March 2020, 09:53:40 am 
Started by msalvatore - Last post by msalvatore
Salve a tutti
Avrei bisogno di 2 dritte
Ho l'ip del firewall  endian e in molte abitazioni i router wifi hanno lo stesso ip e subnet pertanto se configuro il firewall per la vpn in bridge mi fa scegliere la stessa sottorete e fin qua ok. Il problema è che se mi collego con Open vpn mi rilascia un ip che è lo stesso del mio router a casa e non riesco a connettermi al remote descktop del pc in ufficio
La mia idea è di impostare la vpn del firewal endian con ip ma riscontro lo stesso problema, ovvero che non raggiungo comunque la rete interna del mio pc che ha come ip ad esempio
La mia domanda è: Come faccio ad instradare l'IP della VPN verso la zona interna 192.168.1.XX?
Attendo riscontri
Ho provato a nattare come suggerito da qualcuno qui tramite firewall-->SourceNAT ma con esito negativo io però ho scelto come destinazione solo <ANY UPLINK> vedi immagine..

 on: Monday 09 March 2020, 08:23:39 pm 
Started by miki22 - Last post by miki22
It works!

thank you very much!!

For those who had difficulties like me in the forum just follow my screenshots in the first post + the advice of nattelip !!

Thank you very much

 on: Monday 09 March 2020, 05:44:39 pm 
Started by miki22 - Last post by miki22
Good morning

Thanks for your answers

Today I see if I can do some tests

I will try the procedure


 on: Thursday 05 March 2020, 04:17:52 am 
Started by nattelip - Last post by nattelip
no it is not a bug, you just must not use the network wizard to change the ip address of the firewall , but the the tap services and then dhcp server, thanks for the answer

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